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home-of-attention is an app that uses state-of- the-art technology of NeuroSky that allows you to easily and flexibly train your attention.

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home-of-attention is an app that uses state-of- the-art technology of NeuroSky that allows you to easily and flexibly train your attention.

It is a software specially tailored for attention exercises, designed by psychologists and neuro- feedback experts specifically for home use. It is used with NeuroSky’s MindWave headset – a mo- bile and easy to use EEG system.

It is possible to use home-of-attention for peak performance training, to maximize your mental and/or physical capabilities as well as pointed stress-management-training.

This way you can learn exactly those techniques that allow you to master your everyday life more balanced than before. You learn to save your re- sources and you are provided with tools that help you to stay calm even under severe stress and enable you to make the right decisions. Furthermore, advanced applications for group seminars with use of neurofeedback/biofeed- back technology are available and are already in use for example in corporate management trai- ning. Supervised training as well as application in neurological treatment are of course additional and important fields of usage. Software as well as headset are very user friendly and only require short initial-training.

With home-of-attention you can significantly and lastingly improve your ability to concentrate and your relaxation levels with regular, short training units (once or twice a week for about 25 minutes). Daily group sessions and workshops for corpo- rate employees will produce considerable results after only eight days. Our visual neurofeedback- method presents you a direct visualization of neural processes and brain activity which are the basis for attention focusing. This way, you are able to track physical reactions “on screen” and influence those individual processes. This way, mechanisms for attention and relaxation can be learned. Bodily reactions are observed and tra- cked directly to allow for an optimal connection of relaxation and work periods.

Deliberate manipulation and alteration of your own brain activity

Neuroscience has proven that people are able to influence, even control their own brainwaves. For this sensors are applied to the head to measure brainwave activity and visualize it. With the help of specific training, so called neurofeedback, in which you learn to influence your own EEG, you are able to alter your brain’s activity.

  • You learn to relax at anytime,even in times of great stress or times that bring a lot of mental strain.
  • You will be able to actively reach a state of relaxation after a hard day’s work and to relax for short controlled periods to achieve peak per- formances.
  • You learn how to use your concentration to ac- cess any required performance at an instance.
  • You will be able to positively influence and change your work life balance.
  • You learn how to avoid burnout syndrome.


  • MindWave-connection via ThinkGear driver by NeuroSky
  • Visualization of raw data
  • Visualization of frequency delta, theta, alpha1, alpha2, beta1, beta2, beta3, beta4)
  • Visualization of parameters determined by MindWave algorithms (relaxation and atten- tion)
  • Neurofeedback-training based on data provi- ded by the MindWave’s figures for frequency parameters Goals: Improvement of attention and relaxation
  • Automatic and manual threshold detection and target number for height of certain fre- quency parameters which are to be achieved during training, respectively
  • Various possibilities for feedback whether tar- gets are achieved
  • Selectable videos: use of own videos is possi- ble – for demonstration purposes some com- mercially available videos are included
  • Animation/game: videogame-like animations are used, where the user is able to control fi- gures or objects by controlling the frequency parameters of his brain activity
  • Music: use music at your discretion, e.g. for meditation training
  • Analysis: Automated analysis of training ses- sions and clear output of session data as pdf
  • Automated data storage for analysis and pos- sible passing to a supervising neurofeedback- therapist/coach
Developer home-of-attention Limited
Manufacturer Neurosky
For ages: 14+

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